Finding a wedding photographer whose work you love is very important of course. But what’s also important is that you get along, as they will be there throughout your whole wedding day. So with that in mind, here is a list of my 10 favourite things!


My best friend, rock, comedian, travel companion, occasional second shooter, and above all, absolute biggest fan, my love, Joe. We met in 2014 and have spent 5 years full of fun, laughter, love, the most amazing adventures around the world, struggles, fights, times that we thought would break us, but experiencing all this only creates a stronger bond. When I need encouragement, he’s right there firing me up to get on with it. When I’m tired, there he is with a cup of tea and biscuits to keep me going. When I’m down, he’s there to push me forwards and see the beauty in my work and achievements. He is quite literally more than I ever could have asked for, and I can’t thank him enough for his patience and drive in supporting this business to be a success.


One of my favourite ways to spend my time is with my family as we are pretty close. I’m fortunate to have quite a large family, half in England and half in Scotland. Although I have 2 brothers, my aunt’s daughters are both like sisters to me and my nieces and nephews are the apple of my eye! I spoil them to days out and never say no to their crazy requests, I’d class that as the cool auntie right?! On the rare occasion that I don’t have work on the weekend – I love to spend Saturday night out with the girls – dinner, cocktails, catching up & dancing the night away is a perfect evening for me.


My little patterdale terrior, Olly, is now a silver fox aged 12. Although I am allergic to animal fur, this hasn’t stopped me! I’ve had hamsters, rabbits, and dogs! Olly is the sweetest, most gentleman-like dog you will ever meet. I always say if he were a person, he would be the one always looking smart dressed in a suit, reading a newspaper in the corner chair, just like my grandad did.


I love to explore new places, be that when I’m in a new area for a destination wedding or just exploring the uk. Waking up, eating breakfast in a sweet little cafe then strolling beautiful streets discovering hidden finds and beautiful spots, preferably in the warmer months is a perfect day for me. After travelling many corners of the world, no matter when you ask, I will always have another adventure lined up!


Yes, chocolate. Is an explanation necessary? If I have to be specific, my favourite is a bowl of melted galaxy chocolate, occasionally with shredded wheat mixed in, call me weird but I know you will agree it’s delicious when you try it…


If you can’t tell already, I do love a chat. And not just small talk chat, bring up any random topic and I would happily discuss and deliberate about it for hours! I love meeting people and discovering their perspective on life.


I do enjoy a bit of dreamy interior – my ideal house would be bright, mostly white with a Scandinavian blush luxe vibe and of course, there has to be rose gold! But until then, here is my studio, a mini version of my ideal home!


I have one of the most diverse tastes for music than most. From chart to indie, from reggae to oldies and motown, I love it all! For my 21st Birthday, Joe took me to a jazz bar in San Francisco for a surprise and that was most definitely the best night of my life, incredible music playing right in front of us, great food & in love in San Francisco, what more could a girl ask for?


I have a love for the cinema, film and theatre, there is just something pure about witnessing stories unfolding into perfectly crafted cinematography that makes me happy. And one of my favourite spots to do this is curled up in front of the telly with a cosy blanket, warm tea and pack of chocolate digestive biscuits! With Olly usually curled up at the bottom of my feet.


It sounds cheesy but I honestly am just obsessed with weddings, if I’m out and overhear strangers having a conversation about a wedding I immediately draw in and get excited, I just love knowing all the details and everyone’s individual story. With a past in event planning, I even use my spare time to plan and co-ordinate styled shoot collaborations which are very similar to weddings. I collaborate with my favourite suppliers to create inspirational content to inspire couples getting married. Working in the industry, we are aware of current trends and love to inspire couples with new and innovative ways to create beautiful memories for your guests to remember your special day from details such as the cake, jewellery, how to style your tables, favours for guests etc. Please follow this link to a recent boho luxe shoot which has been featured on Want That Wedding, a bridal inspiration online blog with an audience of over 18,000 brides and grooms.